THE SEANCE is a lighthearted musical about the adventures of three teenagers who — while serving detention — discover a mysterious book with the power to channel famous spirits.

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John Papageorge

THE SEANCE comically blends the keen adolescent observations of "The Breakfast Club” with the charm and supernatural magic of “A Christmas Carol.”

The show is easily produced on a small budget requiring the following:
  • Cast of seven actors — four playing dual roles.
  • Single set — a darken library.
  • Instrumental musical tracks.
  • Clever lighting that casts shadows over the ghostly visitors.

In addition to a mix of hot tracks heard on today’s commercial radio, the show features great characters, including the spirits of Liberace, Notorious B.I.G., Marilyn Monroe, and John Lennon.
Every show needs a star and High School Séance has four.