On a cold December day in Chicago, three teenagers cleaning the basement of an elderly widow stumble upon a mysterious book of incantations. The three hold a seance on a dare but fail to make a supernatural connection; however, upon returning home, each is awoken at night by a ghostly visitor. As the teens realize the power of the book to summon the dead, they also discover the book's link to Adolf Hitler and its destructive force when misused.

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John Papageorge

The Séance is a lighthearted musical about the adventure of three teenagers who by chance discover a mysterious book with a haunting past.

The musical gently explores the theme of the lasting effects of hurtful parenting and its cumulative impact on society.

In the process, they learn how to define themselves outside of their parents expectations and discover their own truth.

Broadway bills Seance as "The Breakfast Club meets A Christmas Carol."

The production features an eclectic mix of music, and an entertaining cast of characters, including the spirits of Liberace, Notorious B.I.G., Marilyn Monroe, and John Lennon.

Séance is easily produced, utilizing a cast of only six actors, simple set designs, mix of recorded tracks and live musicians, and a lighting design that cleverly casts shadows over the ghostly visitors.